Twisted Metal reboot is being made by studio Sony FireSprite

Hey! Today is January 13th, a special day, because today in 2012, the Costa Concordia cruise ship ran aground because the captain waved. On January 13, 1957, something special happened where you had to get involved in the fray, namely the production of the first Frisbee. You always wave. Wait after a Zoom meeting (why do we do that?) let its hands wave in a different way, namely by bringing you the latest gaming news. Welcome to N8W8!

VGC wrote after the gossip that the Twisted Metal reboot was indeed made by FireSprite. It is the first-party developer PlayStation from the UK. The developers of most of these VR games were taken over by PlayStation last year and it looks like the team will have to work hard soon. In addition to this Twisted Metal reboot, there’s already a PlayStation VR2 title Horizon Call of the Mountain to help create it. They got acquaintances from the franchise to work with Twisted Metal, namely Matt Southern.

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