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Here’s how you can watch all things snowboarding at the Olympics live: summary

Saturday 5 February it’s show time for the snowboarders. There are many events, races and qualifiers, most of which take place at night. Snowboarding will continue until Tuesday 15 February. No less than four Dutch people participated in the various sections: Michelle Dekker (parallel giant slalom), Melissa Peperkamp (big air and slopestyle), Glenn de Blois (cross) and Niek van der Velden (big air and slopestyle).

Do you want to watch all the parts live and free? Then you can go to the following stream: 7Plus (Australia), CBC (Canada) and BBC iPlayer (Great Britain). To watch this stream outside the Netherlands, you need VPN needed. To watch snowboarding with a VPN, follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN provider. We recommend Surfshark for live stream snowboarding.
  2. Download the VPN app and install the software.
  3. Open the app and sign in.
  4. Connect to a server in the country of flow, i.e. Australia, Canada, or the United Kingdom.
  5. Go to your streaming website and create an account.
  6. Start streaming and enjoy this spectacular and exciting sport!

Read the full article for more information on snowboarding, how to watch this with a VPN, and when Dutch participants will take action.

Renew: Melissa Peperkamp and Niek van der Velden both finished sixth in the big air! Incredibly good performance!

The Olympic adventure for Glenn de Blois is over. The Dutchman was stranded in the eighth final on a snowboard cross. Alessandro Hämmerle was finally declared the winner after the photos were completed.

Michelle Dekker only missed bronze in the parallel giant slalom. In the semifinals she lost to top favorite and eventual gold winner Ester Ledecká. Dekker went down in the battle for bronze and finished fourth in the parallel giant slalom.

Not long after the opening ceremony, snowboarder in action. These were the first sports in which the Netherlands participated: Glenn de Blois (cross), Melissa Pepperkamp (large air force and incline), Niek van der Velden (big air and slope force) and Michelle Dekker (parallel giant slalom). Melissa Peperkamp is the first Dutch athlete to compete at the 2022 Olympics in Beijing.

There are many different parts of the snowboard at the Olympics, and in four of them you can push the Netherlands! For Michelle Dekker, Beijing is her third Olympics. The first two times he finished nineteenth and seventeenth respectively in the parallel giant slalom. Glenn de Blois qualified in spectacular fashion for the Beijing Games. He was the first Dutchman to win snowboardcross at the Snowboarding World Cup.

Just like Glenn de Blois, Melissa Peperkamp also made her debut this year. He even competed in two disciplines: big air and slopestyle. In the same discipline, Niek van der Velden participates with men. Despite qualifying for the 2018 Winter Olympics, Van der Velden can also be called a debutant. He came to training in Pyeongchang fall hard, and had to go home before his first participation. Therefore, this year will be very interesting for the four Dutch participants!

Unfortunately, many snowboarding competitions can be seen at night. Some of the finals took place in the morning. So you need that hard Be a snowboard fan to watch all the finals! In this article you can read where you can watch all the matches and how you do it exactly. You’ll also find an overview of the snowboarder program and you can see what time the Netherlands kicks in.

Snowboarding live

In the Netherlands, NOS lots of sports. Broadcasters only have broadcast rights for one sport at a time. Although the emphasis is on Dutch athletes, it is uncertain whether the snowboarders’ matches can be watched live. Because snowboarding has such a dense program, NOS will definitely not be broadcasting all the matches live.

Eurosport and Discovery+ broadcast the full program of the 2022 Olympics in Beijing. You can also visit the Eurosport Player live stream. However, you have to pay for both platforms. They are also only available outside the European Union, even with a paid subscription.

Here’s how you can watch the 2022 Olympics live for free

Luckily there’s also free live stream of all snowboard competitions available. Some of them are:

Since this live stream geographic boundaries You can theoretically only watch them in the region where they are available. The Netherlands is not included in this. However, you can overcome this limitation – that is with VPNA VPN gives you an IP address from another area, for example from somewhere in the UK. Your real IP address will be hidden, making streaming websites think you are actually in the UK. So you can watch BBC iPlayer, which is normally blocked in the Netherlands.

This process can also be reversed. If you connect to a Dutch server abroad, you get access to content that is also available to you in the Netherlands. So you can watch Dutch television, even if you are abroad!

Watch a full snowboarding program for free with a VPN

Follow the steps below to watch all snowboarding matches live and free:

  1. Customer on a reliable VPN provider. We recommend Surfshark for streaming snowboarding. With Surfshark’s 30-day money-back guarantee, you can even ask for a full refund and you have nothing to lose in the end!