Woman buys iPhone 13, gets hand soap delivered

Getting an iPhone 13 copy and hand soap. This is the bizarre story of a woman from the United Kingdom.


Whether you buy a new computer, game, PlayStation or iPhone online. You always look forward to the moment that the delivery person is at the door with your package. Finally the time has come for you to unpack the package properly. And only find out that you are not getting a new iPhone 13, but hand soap. Good for hygiene, yes.

iPhone 13 copy

This is the real story of a woman from the United Kingdom. She planned to buy a new phone and ordered an iPhone 13 Pro Max online through carrier Sky Mobile. A matter of delivery and that’s it, right? Unfortunately, the delivery person was stuck in traffic and informed the woman that the delivery on the intended day would no longer be possible.

The next day the delivery person was supposed to comment, but he didn’t have the iPhone 13 Pro Max with him. Yes, young boy. Where is that expensive smartphone and? On the third day, the woman finally received a package. However, it turned out not to be the iPhone 13, but hand soap. Something has clearly gone wrong here. The woman has contacted the provider and an investigation has been launched. Have you ever received a wrong package? (via The Mirror )

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