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35% more staff in 2021 due to Brexit

The Office of Quality Control has released its 2021 annual report. Particular attention is paid to the consequences of Brexit. Last year, KCB added 35% more staff and this growth is expected to continue. Brexit has been a fact since

Consumer confidence is down again

At -39, consumer confidence in March was well below the average for the last twenty years (-8). Confidence reached an all-time high in January 2000 (36). The lowest point was reached in March 2013 (-41). Download CSVShow tableConsumer confidence, seasonally

Dstny takes over Qunify’s Team England specialist

Dstny, a Belgian provider of business solutions in cloud communications, acquires Qunifi. The company specializes in Microsoft Teams integration and is based in the UK. Qunifi is known for its Call2Teams platform which focuses on Teams integration for ucaas providers.