Kristin and Magnus ready to represent Norway at the Olympics in mixed doubles

February 1, 2022

On Wednesday 2 February at 13.00 Norwegian time, Kristin and Magnus became the first athletes to represent Norway at the Olympics in Beijing. Mixed Doubles was the first competition to be held at the Olympics – and that was before the games actually started.

Photo: © WCF / Celine Stucki.

In order to have time to complete mixed doubles and regular team curling, mixed curlers must start Olympic competition. They will do so from Wednesday February 2nd.

At 13.05 Norwegian time, Kristin and Magnus will meet the Czech Republic in the first curling match of the Beijing Olympics. You can watch the match on Discovery +

-We are looking forward to it. “We are trained and ready, working well together and ready to appear on the ice,” said Kristin.

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Norway is considered the favorite to win the medal

There are 10 teams that qualify for the Olympics in mixed doubles. All teams must meet each other in a round robin, before the best four teams advance to the playoffs.

The teams that qualified for the Olympics in mixed doubles curling were China, Great Britain, Sweden, Czech Republic, Norway, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, and the United States.

Canada, Sweden, Switzerland and England are considered the favorites to win the medal besides Norway.

Kristin and Magnus also participated in the Olympics in PyeongChang in 2018 where they eventually picked up the bronze medal after a Russian player was caught doping. Canada won the gold medal, while Switzerland won the silver.

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The curling match will be played in the pool

The curling pair have been playing well so far this year and have high ambitions for their Olympic participation.

The curling match was played at the Water Cube Arena which was used for swimming competitions during the Olympics in Beijing in 2008.

-OL will be interesting and the facilities look good. It’s a tough field with opponents that would be fun to play on, Magnus concluded.

Follow Kristin and Magnus on their instagram account @curlingekteparet or Facebook to follow them at the Olympics

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