Johnson under pressure: Sorry garden party during closure

Johnson under pressure: Sorry garden party during closure

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed he attended the much-talked-about garden party at the Prime Minister’s residence.

Published: 12.01.22 at 1:04 PM Updated: 12.01.22 at 1:29 PM

British media have revealed that 100 people invited to garden party at the Prime Minister’s residence during the UK’s first shutdown. At the same time as the supposedly held party, on May 20, 2020, the public is only allowed to meet one person outside the house with a distance of two meters outside the house.

According to The Times, those in attendance said Johnson was there with his fiancé Carrie Symonds, in addition to 40 employees at the prime minister’s residence. They must have had wine and gin and beer.

Boris Johnson has until Wednesday refuse to answer questions did she attend the garden party. But during questioning in the House of Commons on Wednesday, he confirmed he attended the party, but stated that he thought it was a work event.

– I’m so sorry that we didn’t do things differently that night, I’m sorry, Johnson said.

– There are things we haven’t done right, he told Buing in the hall.

Johnson said he later saw that he had to send his employees in.

BAKRUS: British media have revealed several parties linked to the prime minister's residence during the strict lockdown.

© Photo: Kirsty O’Connor / AP
BAKRUS: British media have revealed several parties linked to the prime minister’s residence during the strict lockdown.

– Down

There was a very tense atmosphere in the House of Commons on Wednesday, and members bowed several times to Johnson and booed some statements.

Labor leader Keir Starmer was unimpressed with the concessions and apologies, and demanded Johnson’s resignation shortly after the prime minister’s introductory remarks.

– Do it fair and go down, he said.

Starmer’s statement was met with cheers.

He thought Johnson was “lying so run away from him” and called him shameless.

– His defense is so ridiculous it offends British society, he said.

– The party’s over, he told Johnson.

He added that it was simply a question of whether the party or voters asked him to leave, or whether he himself chose to resign.

Starmer has the backing of SNP leader Ian Blackford who has also demanded Johnson’s resignation.

– Trust is lost and society will neither forget nor forgive, he said.

The biggest crisis

British media previously cited Question Time as one of the most important in John’s political career.

The British Daily Mail asked on the front page today whether the party can go up against the Prime Minister:

@DailyMailUK Wednesday #MailFrontPages

The newspaper described it as Johnson’s biggest crisis as the country’s leader.

Labor leader Keir Starmer wrote on Twitter that Boris Johnson should stop lying.

– Not only do you know about the Downing Street parties, you attend them, he wrote.

Boris Johnson, your deflections and distractions make no sense. You don’t only know about partyers in Downing S…

Accused of lying after Christmas party

This is not the first time the British Prime Minister has been hit by bad weather over alleged partying during the coronavirus pandemic.

The garden party noise comes after that The Guardian before Christmas covers the party with wine and pizza May 15, 2020 – just five days before the current garden party. Just before Christmas, it was also known that Christmas party has been held at Downing Street in December 2020. Even so, Johnson accused of lying.

The investigation into breaches of infection control rules at 10 Downing Street, as the residence of the Prime Minister is often referred to, and other ministries and agencies, was initiated by Secretary of State Simon Case at Johnson’s behest as a result.

The case itself had to withdraw from investigation when it was revealed that its own department was alleged to have arranged one of the parties. The investigation is now being led by Sue Gray.

Published: 12.01.22 at 13:04 Updated: 12.01.22 cl. 13:29

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