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Tabloid The Sun, which is known for using big words, stated on its front page that Monday was “Free Monday”. Across Britain, people were handing hugs of joy, while tears of joy were occasionally poured over a glass of freshly-tapped beer.

But the pandemic has not been completely forgotten. Bartenders in bandages, table service and restrictions on how many can enter, mark a celebration of freedom.

Several pubs and restaurants also remained closed. They are among the many UK economies that have died from the coronavirus pandemic.

Celebrated freedom

It is celebrated at Leicester Square in London.

– What’s great is seeing people we don’t know. Seeing people happy, here you can see people smiling and having fun, said Yarah Mahran, 24, on her way to a show in theaters which also reopened on Monday.

In London’s Chinatown, people’s lives are bustling again. 57-year-old Ian Jones says it’s hard to let a hobby, the game of poker, lie.

– For me, poker is like a lifestyle. “During the closing, I was very desperate,” said Jones.

At the same time, the first British holiday tourists arrived in Portugal, as travel restrictions were also relaxed.

But apart from the cheers over beer, poker and vacation rentals: It’s a completely different thing that most British people delight in. Finally, they can hug their loved ones again, without breaking the advice and rules.

“I’m actually quite emotional saying this, but now you can hug your loved ones again,” said Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

– Don’t rewind this

Prime Minister Boris Johnson called Monday’s reopening a major milestone on the road out of the pandemic.

The next step comes on June 21, when it will reopen further. However, the Indian variant of the virus and fears that it might be more contagious, are making more people doubt whether it is one of them.

More than 36.5 million Britons have received their first dose of vaccine, and 20 million have been fully vaccinated. However, the authorities asked the public to be responsible when it opened, so that it does not need to be closed again.

– Don’t spoil this, Great Britain, is the front page of the Daily Mail on Freedom Monday.


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