Here the first electric AC Cobra is “turned on”

In the past, everyone nearby turned on the Cobra air conditioner. You don’t do it with a new one that’s on its way.

The original Cobra from 1962 was equipped with a V8 engine, first with a 4.3 liter version and then with a slightly larger 4.7 liter version.

But the biggest one came with the Cobra 427, because under this hood it was possible to get a Ford-developed 7-liter monster that produced almost 500 horsepower. We can only imagine the sound when fired into the eight cylinders.

Unfortunately, the Cobra adventure ended too soon, because as we entered the ’70s, it was the end of small, custom 2-seater sports cars that weighed over a tonne.

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But it’s not quite the end, it has to change.

The British AC Cobra has woken up well to life, and just in time to reach a sizable birthday – which is 60 years. And they will celebrate it in style.

For that means a pretty precise copy of the one that came in 1962, which should provide buckets of nostalgia for anyone who remembers the car. However, there is a big difference.

There is no V8 roar when the ignition is turned.

Under the shell of the new Cobra version, the traditional drivetrain has been replaced with an all-electric one, and the car was later also called the AC Cobra Series 1 electric. Thus re-emerging as a pure electric car.

After several years of development, they are finally nearing the end, and now the first version is finally getting asphalt under the tires.

– I’m so proud of the team behind this project, and the time it took to make this car so special. It is the best of British engineering and technology, and maintains AC Car’s approach to producing only the best handcrafted sports cars, says Cobra CEO Alan Lubinsky.

That the upcoming Cobra will be duped for a massive V8 doesn’t say much about its performance, because as we’ve learned from Tesla, electric cars can be pretty powerful.

Here are the key facts about the Cobra Series 1 AC power supply:

  • 0-100 km/h: About 4 seconds
  • Torque: peak 500 Nm / 250 Nm continuous
  • Range: Estimated 241 km
  • Power: 230 kW/308 hk
  • Battery capacity: 55 kWh
  • Weight: About 1,050 kg

However, there are two not-so-fun things with the upcoming Cobra.

The former will only be produced in 58 copies, just like the first edition of the original model.

The second is that it costs £138,000 in the UK, which translates to almost 1.7 million kroner.

Here are some pictures of the former that are now getting their final adjustments:

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