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Collisions have occurred all over the world and many believe lives could be lost. Therefore, Helmut Marko’s statement may surprise many people.

During last week’s Italian Grand Prix, a violent crash between two of Formula 1’s biggest stars occurred.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have been fierce contenders in recent seasons, and this season the former is closer to the title than ever.

They were involved in a crash earlier this season, but in Italy there was an accident that would soon be forgotten when a Red Bull car ended up on top of Lewis Hamilton’s.

Hamilton was on his way out of the pit stop on lap 26 when Verstappen tried to take an inward turn at the next corner. It ended in two crashes, and both ruined the race in Italy.

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The photos show Verstappen’s rear wheel hitting Hamilton’s halo, which may have been the British star’s savior.

Verstappen was eventually punished for missing out on three starting positions in the upcoming World Cup race in Russia, and Hamilton ended up in hospital for further checks.

The 36-year-old from England had announced he would see a specialist after the neck became a major problem in the days following the crash, but on Sunday he appeared at the much-talked-about Met Gala fashion gala.

Now Hamilton and Mercedes have had to endure criticism from Red Bull boss Helmut Marko, who believes the team has started the game for the gallery surrounding injuries from the crash.

– It was a completely normal accident, but all the messages after it were pulled out of proportion by Mercedes. Verstappen got out of the car as Hamilton tried to get out, and the ambulance cleared the situation, he told the website Sports 24.

And continued:

– Then it was Mercedes’ turn to make a fuss, saying that poor Hamilton was suddenly injured.

Formula 1 legend Fernando Alonso also fought Hamilton after the crash in Italy, and thought it all didn’t deserve attention.

– They’re always fighting over places, both of them. It all seemed to be a disadvantage for the two of them, but it was a low speed with no particular danger of injury.

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– In the end, it’s nothing, no big deal. “I saw it, it’s just a normal racing event,” closed Alonso according to DailyMail.

There will be a documentary about Michael Schumacher, and you can watch the trailer here:

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