Utah Specialist Says BA.2 Omicron Descendants Have Accelerated In Recent Weeks – NBC Utah

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH- The offspring of the Omicron variant has alerted health experts after its rapid spread in several countries of the world.

Experts worry that the variants presented will not become dominant and this can only be avoided if people are vaccinated, wear masks and maintain social distance.

Medical experts point out that it is too early to know what the symptoms of the BA.2 variant are, that the only thing that is known is that it has been detected in many countries of the world and in Denmark it is the dominant strain. .

Stephen Goldstein, a specialist at the University of Utah Hospital, said: “This variant has been rotating at a very low level for several weeks, but appears to have increased recently in some parts of the world, such as Denmark, the UK, some other areas as well. ”

“I think the foreseeable future spikes in cases are likely to be characterized by an average disease that’s not as severe as the previous form of infection, but how many infections there might be in future waves I think it’s still pretty hard to predict,” he added. Goldstein.

The World Health Organization has communicated something similar to the Delta variant, which presents more than 17 variants, which is why scientists confirm that the fact that it has more derivative variants than the original is reason to remain vigilant.

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