Health Seremi investigates possible cases of childhood hepatitis at Biobío

Seremi de Salud del Biobío confirmed this afternoon that they are monitoring possible cases of childhood hepatitis in the region, this stems from the spread of the disease in about 20 countries, accumulating large numbers in the UK.

By: Francisca Rubio G.

Two weeks ago, the Ministry of Health activated protocols for a strange outbreak that began on April 20, Christian García, head of the Epidemiology portfolio, indicated that he had received “World Health Organization declaration, activating protocols appropriate to this type of situation”.

The Eighth Region Health Ceremony, Eduardo Barra, commented that “We don’t like what’s happening, and we have to take a series of precautions if cases start to emerge, because we don’t know the cause.”. In addition, he stated that they are monitoring all cases that can detect hepatitis in children and adults.

Barra added that while the country was prepared for a common hepatitis outbreak, it was not prepared for one of unknown origin, which is why Christian García ensured that, “From the Ministry, alert notifications to the entire health care network are activated, monitoring cases and looking for patterns that may indicate the presence of this disease.”

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