Tooth column: Periodontal disease increases the risk of chronic disease – Eme – 02/21/2022

In one of the largest epidemiological studies of its kind to date, they found that patients with a history of periodontal disease are at increased risk of developing other conditions Healthlike trouble mental health.

Periodontics and mental health (and others)

Recently, researchers at the University of Birmingham examined the records of patients with a history of periodontal diseaseincluding gingivitis and periodontitis.

It is also associated with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cardiometabolic disease, autoimmune disease, and poor mental health.

In addition, this study highlights the importance of applying a preventive approach to management periodontal disease.

In turn, the need to improve communication between medical and dental staff to minimize the risk of developing health problems.

Periodontal disease and increased morbidity from chronic disease

The findings provide important data that help confirm and strengthen the relationship between periodontal disease and other chronic diseases, especially poor mental health.

According to the data, patients who have a history of periodontal disease at the start of the study, they were almost twice as likely to develop mental health problems, which was 37%.

In addition, patients have an increased risk of developing autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease, and/or have cardiometabolic disorders (much higher type 2 diabetes).

What is concluded

The author comments that “Poor people oral health This is very common, both here in the UK and globally.”

“As poor oral health develops, it can lead to a substantial reduction in quality of life.”

However, until now, not much was known about the relationship between the poor oral health and many chronic diseases, especially the poor mental health“.

Therefore, effective communication between dental professionals and other healthcare professionals is important.

In this way, patients will get an effective treatment plan aimed at oral health.

In turn, to improve your current general health and reduce your risk of disease in the future.”

That’s how we do it.

the most important

This study is just one of many links periodontal disease with other diseases, and the findings reinforce the importance of prevention, early identification and treatment periodontitis.

Therefore, the professionals at Health to closely observe the early signs of periodontal disease in patients and consider taking a holistic approach when treating them.

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