Closed gas stations cause Britons to stockpile | NOW

Several BP and Esso gas stations in the UK were closed due to a shortage of truck drivers. British drivers fear they will run out of fuel, causing long queues at other filling stations, Shell reported Friday.

The energy group said it was adjusting its supply schedule to meet growing demand. Shell has around a thousand pumping stations in the UK. According to the news agency Reuters Some Shell stations will also run out of fuel now.

BP said there were certain fuel shortages in at least 50 of the UK’s more than 1,200 stations. Some branches are completely closed. The company is in the process of supplying additional fuel to pumping stations frequented by customers, as well as locations along highways or major traffic intersections. There will also be problems at some Esso stations.

British politicians have now announced that there is enough fuel for everyone. Government will step in if necessary, transport minister Grant Shapps told BBCright

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