why your teeth look different in public and in private

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If this 2022 had a protagonist, that is Elizabeth II of England (96 years). Europe’s oldest queen celebrates Platinum Jubilee for 70 years on the British throne, and for this reason, the eyes of the entire planet are on England and its sovereignty. Every detail of her presence and image was analyzed down to the millimeter, and she knew it, so that after several months of suffering from various health problems, the widow of Philip from Edinburgh faced with a big smile the information that doubted his current government. Showing your happiness, wearing your teeth, is your strongest response to gossip.

The most recent evidence was in his last public appearance, on April 28, in an audience with the Swiss president at his Windsor Castle. The Queen was smiling all the time – an exaggeration to say the least – as long as the press photographers were in the same room. Thanks to this snapshot, it is possible to verify Elizabeth II teeth are aligned, well structured and complete. But only a few hours later, what appeared in his mouth area was very different.

That paparazzi They captured one of the king’s private moments, sitting in his Land Rover around Sandringham, in Norfolk. The picture shows the Queen’s half smile and can notice some gaps in your teeth, or what may look like missing teeth. How about that perfect smile you showed a few hours earlier? EL ESPAÑOL has contacted an expert to solve the mystery.

Isabel II faced the gossip about her state of health showing her biggest smile.


That dentist Eugenia Cervantes has analyzed pictures of Elizabeth II’s teeth and emphasized what caught her most attention: “This is a wide, famous and seemingly perfect smile, but if we take a closer look, it has aspects that could be improved. For example, we can talk about yellow and also gray in your teethwhich makes him smile in the dim light,” he explained briefly.

And he added with expert precision: “Another thing I observed was severe crowd at the level of the lower incisors. It is also appreciated by some people gold crown or inlay when you smile you can see it and it’s not very aesthetic.”

As for cherished dental care, it should be noted that the British tabloids already pointed out last year that Queen wore conventional braces decades agoknown as brackets. But the specialist points out: “Orthodontists know that teeth have memories and they relapse frequently, that is, they return to their original position if you don’t wear a retainer. This can be seen on Queen’s lower teeth, on her incisors.”

So why do rulers sometimes show a perfectly aligned smile, and other times get caught with a ‘crack’ in their teeth? “That’s because when he smiles he usually shows more of the top, which is aligned. However, by keeping his mouth slightly open, in relaxed moments -like in the car-, he exposes his teeth more and we can see the flaw at the bottom“explained Dr Cervantes.

The queen showed severe crowding in the area under her teeth.

The queen showed severe crowding in the area under her teeth.


“This This is very common in patients who have undergone orthodontic treatment: the top can be seen well, or more or less parallel, but when they open their mouth more and expose all their teeth, it’s more visible if they have some crowding in other areas, that’s what happened to the king in this case”, said dentist.

Since Isabel II had decided to show her smile now more than ever, she had to pay attention to the imperfections that her mouth presented, and for this, Dr. Cervantes has a solution: “As a public character, I will propose an orthodontic treatment that is invisible to others. straighten your teeth. This system is not only discreet but also very convenient. Maybe only need about 7-8 months of treatment to straighten teeth. At the end of your orthodontic treatment and to enhance your smile and rejuvenate it, you can get teeth whitening and porcelain veneers”.

The expert is clear: “With this change, I believe we can reduce his age to 15 years.”. But the truth is that the Queen is 96 years old, a veteran which translates to common problems – just like any other human – in her teeth. To keep them from charging you, the dentist warns you about how you should take care of your mouth in your case: “Crowds prevent us from practicing adequate dental hygiene and favor plaque accumulation, gum disease, greater tooth sensitivity and periodontal problems.”If the problem persists, you could lose the bone or the tooth itself. So everyone, including the Queen of England, needs to see the dentist more regularly.”

[Más información: La reina Isabel II no pronunciará su tradicional discurso de apertura en el Parlamento británico]

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