They accused the former Secretary of SLP Health of criminal association and fraud

The San Luis Potosi Attorney General’s Office reported that Mónica Rangel, the state’s former Minister of Health and former gubernatorial candidate at the same entity, was charged with the alleged crime. Improper use of public functions, criminal associations and fraud.

The entity’s prosecutor, José Luis Ruiz Contreras, explained that for this crime former officials could spend up to 27 years in prison.

In Press conferenceindicated that the fraud alleged against Rangel, who is already in custody, amounted to 22 million pesos.

“For abuse of public functions, criminal association and also criminal acts of fraud whose hope, according to the reported amount of around 22 million pesos, they have hope, given the continued crime, is 27 years in prison. , could be more or less in accordance with the legal classification given by the supervisory judge at that time,” he commented.

This Tuesday, the Potosi prosecutor’s office reported that Mónica Rangel had been arrested in the State of Mexico.

The agency indicated that two other men were arrested in Monterrey, Nuevo León, who were thought to be accomplices of the former official.

Prosecutors indicated that a fourth person was also arrested yesterday. All prisoners are under the control of the control judge.

Rangel is Secretary of Health in the administration of PRI Juan Manuel Carreras (2015-2021).

Last year, he competed with Morena for the governorship, but lost to Ricardo Gallardo, of Mexico’s Green Ecological Party (PVEM), a political force allied with Morena.

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