Stream tennis from anywhere: watch Wimbledon 2022 for free

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Here’s how you can watch Wimbledon 2022 from anywhere for free

In the Netherlands you watch from Monday 27 June 12:00 WIB to a Grand Slam tournament every day for two weeks via Ziggo Sport or Eurosport. Are you overseas? Then you have to change your online location to ‘Netherlands’ to follow the live stream. Are you not subscribed to this sports channel? Then you can watch all tennis matches for free with a UK IP address. This is how you do it:

  1. Subscribe to NordVPN or another good VPN provider.
  2. Download and install the VPN app.
  3. Log in and connect to a Dutch server (Ziggo GO or Eurosport) or to a UK server (free streaming on BBC iPlayer).
  4. Go to the streaming website. on BBC iPlayer You must create an account with an English postal code (eg WC2N 5DU) and select ‘Yes’ when asked if you have a TV license. You can watch completely free via BBC 1 or BBC 2 live stream.
  5. Enjoy Wimbledon!

Want to know more about the schedule and participants of the tournament in London? Then read quickly!

Monday 27 June The British Glam Slam tournament begins. Wimbledon also has an interesting match in 2022.

Of course the defending champion took Novak Djokovic rejoin the tournament. Also Rafael Nadalwho has won twice on London turf, is back again.

After a year of recovery from his hamstring injury, Serena Williams again in the grass. The 23-time Grand Slam winner, of which the seven-time winner at Wimbledon, will participate on a wild card. Belgium’s Zizou Bergs and Dutchman Tim van Rijthoven also received wildcards. Van Rijthoven won the Libéma Open in Rosmalen and moved up 99 places in the world rankings.

Of course you don’t want to miss this. Read in this article how not to miss anything from Wimbledon 2022.

Where can I watch Wimbledon 2022 live?

In the Netherlands, the broadcast rights of the Grand Slam tournament with Eurosportright? Ziggo Sports can broadcast the match. From 12 Dutch time You can enjoy tennis on both channels all afternoon.

Of course you can also watch online via Eurosport players and Ziggo GO AppThe only drawback is that you need a paid subscription to Ziggo Sport or Eurosport. Even if you are outside the European Union, you get no access until broadcast.

If you subscribe to, for example, Eurosport and try to access the stream from abroad, you may get a warning that it is not available in your location. This is because websites see where you are in the world based on your IP address. Fortunately, there is a way to change your IP: direct Virtual Private Network rightVPNThe streaming service thinks you’re in the Netherlands.

Stream Wimbledon for free

Both Eurosport and Ziggo Sport are paid services. In England, however, the British tennis tournament is broadcast completely free on BBCRight From the Netherlands, you can’t directly access online streaming on BBC iPlayer, as it only works in the UK.

iPlayer sees from your IP address that you are in the Netherlands and refuses you access to the live stream. If you use a VPN to change your IP to a UK address, You just got accessRight Now all you need to do is create an account (with any UK postal code, like WC2N 5DU) and you can follow everything from Wimbledon 2022 live. The BBC will ask you if you have a TV subscription, but simply saying ‘Yes’ will give you access.

Watch British tennis with a VPN: a step-by-step plan

Whether you’re abroad and want to access Ziggo GO or watch the BBC’s free stream, a VPN can help. Change your IP address using VPN even very easyright

  1. Customer You are using a reliable and good VPN. We recommend NordVPN so you don’t have to miss any matches. This VPN provider has thousands of fast servers and very easy used. You also watch the entire Wimbledon tournament totally freeif you take advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee.