LIFE. Enter the final of the Eurovision Song Contest here: how is Jérémie Makiese?

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It is time. The finals of the Eurovision Song Contest are scheduled for tonight in Turin. Jérémie Makiese had to compete with 24 other countries. Sixteenth turn. We Are Domi starts for the Czech Republic. The tough competitors tonight are the Netherlands, Sweden and Ukraine. Follow live here from 9pm.

    • Jérémie Makiese was the 16th out of 25 participants with ‘Miss you’
    • Ukraine is the big favorite this year
    • Måneskin, last year’s winner, featured during the judging
  • So the battle has ended. The UK is significantly less good with the public than it is with the jury. The signal for the Eurovision Song Contest is clear. Favorite Ukraine won the 2022 edition. A story of political hope. “Thank you for supporting Ukraine,” came an emotional voice from the stage. Read more here.

    Now one can start thinking about the location of the Eurovision Song Contest next year. Tradition wants a winning city to govern. It was previously said that Sweden would like to make Stockholm available for the festival, but also Berlin and the English city (not yet clear which, but Manchester is being considered).

  • The public has spoken. The scheduled favorite immediately jumps to the front of the race. Can the British still strike back or is the battle over?

  • Jérémie Makiese scored well with professional judges, but audiences clearly loved her calm acting and R&B songs. After being wrong in the first half of scoring for the past few days, he finally dropped to the back row.

  • Sometimes it can be that fast. From the lower echelons, Moldova jumped to the top thanks to the public vote. Germany remained last, but still got six consolation points.

  • Italy was the last country to give the Netherlands twelve points, but the general trend remains unchanged. England, Sweden and Spain are in 3rd place. Belgium is in thirteenth position. Germany, France and Iceland have the lowest number of points. To the televote point.

  • This festival could take an unexpected turn in the final sprint towards the finish line. “Certain irregular voting patterns were identified in the six-state results,” he said in a press release from broadcaster EBU. “The EBU takes all suspected attempts to manipulate the vote in the Eurovision Song Contest very seriously and reserves the right to remove such votes in accordance with the Official Voting Instructions, regardless of whether the vote is likely to affect the results and/or the voting results. “

    What this means for the end result is not clear.

  • The provisional winners are England with 178 points, followed by Sweden (159) and Spain (133). Germany still has 0 points, France 1. 16 more countries.

  • While Ukraine made a good climb and is in fourth place. Germany, France and Iceland close the list. Belgium comfortable in the first half.

  • And they got it from Poland. Germany and France are currently trailing by 0 and 1 point respectively.

  • Our national jury of experts also awarded England 12 points. Is victory in sight? The country is now the first to have 100 points.

  • A short break. Spain and England are already where they haven’t been in years, they’re even leading the way. Ukraine has not earned many points. Belgium got the first six points of the Netherlands, but also fell behind.

  • But did the voting also happen exactly?

    1. Half the results will be decided tonight by televoting and the other half by a national professional jury.

    2. Viewers can judge based on live TV shows.

    3. The experts can cast their votes on Friday during the so-called jury show, where the finals have been completed as can be seen on TV tonight. Each national jury consists of six music experts.

    4. Points will be announced in two stages. First, the jury votes are announced. They can make ten countries happy, one of them with “twelve points, douze points”.

    5. Televote votes will be announced in the second part of the points distribution. These are added up and the total points per country are announced. These occur in order of results after the jury has selected, starting with the country with the worst score.

  • From now on it is no longer possible to choose.

  • Our reporter noticed something while replaying 25 songs.

  • Her presentation may not be to everyone’s taste, now that she can perform on her own, Mika is again showing her skills with a medley of her most famous hits. Grace Kelly remains the peak and with it comes out. Why did the Lebanese-British singer present the competition in Turin? The singer is still very popular in Italy. He had his own personality show for two seasons and was a judge several times factor Xright

    Mika herself was asked several times to enter the festival, but later replied that “most of the songs in the Eurovision Song Contest are disgraceful”. He then remembered those words.

  • Jérémie interviewed by Alessandro Cattelan. What are the expectations, asked the presenter. “Why not win? I haven’t prepared a speech yet.” Setting the bar high, we just commend it. Although the bookies are pressing that hope firmly in the head for now.

  • Ai, not good news from the bookmakers. Jérémie Makiese’s chances seem to have dropped drastically. Belgium is now at the bottom of the list, in penultimate place.

  • Gigliola Cinquetti won the Song Contest for Italy in 1964 – for the first time – with Non ho l’etaIn 1974 he came in second after ABBA with his song Siisn’t it Ha, that’s Italian for ya, you say. It does, but the word poses a problem for Italian state broadcaster Rai.

    A month later, a referendum was held in Italy to abolish the law allowing divorce. And a song with 16 times ‘si’ in it, that’s your purest influence. However? Therefore, the song was banned from radio for a while and the festival was not even broadcast live by Rai. The Italians ultimately voted “no” in the referendum. So the history of Eurovision comes to life, right there in Turin.

  • Things have gone fast for Måneskin, since their win at the festival last year. Lead singer Damiano, who is clearly having problems with his leg after being injured while shooting a new music video, has just revealed that the band is collaborating on the soundtrack to a biopic about Elvis Presley. They are currently releasing a fragment.

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