Incoming and outgoing goods are almost stable in 2019

Of all the goods that come in, 44 percent intended for domestic use, 40 percent implemented and 16 percent re-exported.

Most goods come and go by sea

From 629 billion kilograms of goods sent 65 percent our country by ship, 15 percent come across the street, 11 percent per inland vessel and 8 per cent per pipeline. Goods are also most often transported by sea. More than a third of goods transported by ship, 23 percent leaving the country by barge, 19 percent by road and 17 percent by pipeline.
with about 0.15 percent airlines have a small share in the gross weight of incoming and outgoing goods flows. Relatively valuable general cargo is mainly transported by air. Therefore, the aviation share in the value of the goods is much larger: 4 percent supply and 8 percent of discharge go by plane.

Proportionately, most of the goods transported by sea enter our country (83 percent). After transshipment, these goods are mostly transported by sea, but also by inland waterway ships or through pipelines. More than half the weight of goods for re-export and for domestic use reaches the Netherlands by sea.

Machinery and electronics account for a quarter of the supply value

Of the total value of goods shipped or transferred in 2019 26 percent formed by machinery and electronics, 12 percent consists of means of transportation. Food and stimulants used 10 percent for grading, base metals and metal products 7 percent.
Expressed in weight, inventory for 17 percent of crude oil, for 14 percent of petroleum products, for 9 percent from foodstuffs, stimulants and for 9 percent of basic chemical products and fertilizers. In sewers, petroleum products with 21 percent the largest share, followed by basic chemicals and fertilizers (12 percent).