Hurricane Barra ravages Ireland and England

Atlantic hurricane season has begun and in just over a week we have reached the second name on the hurricane rosters. Hurricane Barra will cause severe storms in Ireland and the UK on Tuesday and Wednesday. In Holland we got a glimpse of the storm.

After Hurricane Arwen, the British Isles can once again prepare for bad weather. In a very short time, Hurricane Barra has gained strength over the Atlantic Ocean and will reach the west coast of Ireland on Tuesday morning. The Irish Weather Service has issued a code red for coastal districts due to strong winds and high waves. Winds average up to 9 and sometimes even 10 Beaufort! Short term wind gusts of up to 130 km/h are also possible. Over the sea, winds can increase further and can become a very severe storm, 11 Beaufort.

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Barra and angry because of hurricane Barra

On the beach, the waves are pushed to a height of 10 to 15 meters by strong winds. Apart from winds, Hurricane Barra also brings a lot of rainfall. In the hilly landscapes of Ireland, Scotland, and England, precipitation has a winter character and can be regionally white. The lower part of the country must prepare for flooding due to the abundant rainfall.

Disruption due to bad weather

Due to bad weather, Ireland and the UK had to account for power outages and road problems. Flights have been canceled and schools closed as a precaution. It was also over a week ago when Hurricane Arwen passed. Due to the damage caused by the storm, households still do not get electricity.

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On Wednesday, Barra will still be over England, but the storm’s strength is already diminishing. In Holland we don’t have to take hurricanes into account. We get a quick shot of Hurricane Barra. Later today, areas with rainfall, associated with hurricanes, will pass through our country. You can read what that means for the weather in Netherlands in our extensive weather forecast.

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