Health ordered the closure of Parque Viva before receiving a technical report from the entity

( The Ministry of Health suspends Parque Viva’s sanitation operation permit, without having a written technical report on the risks from the “big dam” he said.

The governing body for health informed last Friday, July 8, that a decision had been made “based on the precautionary principle to protect the health and safety of the population”, for the problems caused “by the great dam generated by the great event” on the premises and before the anonymous complaint.

According to the statement, the move was taken with a warm welcome recommendations of institutions in charge of mass concentration: National Emergency Commission, Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Fire Service and Costa Rica Red Cross.

The high vehicular traffic generated by this event is incompatible with the constitutional needs and duties of the authorities to protect the lives and integrity of people (…)

“(…) because it can hinder attention in emergencies such as fires, earthquakes, traffic accidents, structure falls, criminal acts, health emergencies, which affect the city and the scene. This is taking into account the capacity and characteristics of the roads in this area,” the ministry said.

This Wednesday afternoon, the portfolio minister, Joselyn Chacón, confirmed, at a press conference, following the Governing Council that, his press office will send a report that counts for making that decision.

In fact, after what the Minister in the Council said and after this outlet consulted in the entity’s WhatsApp press chat, if they were going to send a report this Wednesday, they proceeded to close the chat for press inquiries and then sent documents dated between 10, 11 and 13 July of the year this.

This is after a few questions from the media, which no response in last five days.

However, the document issued by the ministry is an official response from the agencies involved, to a request made by the hierarchy regarding “Technical Report ‘The Situation of Parque Viva before the big event”and it has a date after the meeting where Salud made the decision.


In his official letter, Alexander Araya from Fire Operations explained that the problem of the dam and the limited access to communities around Parque Viva, This complicates the work of firefighters in an emergency.

“Due to the situation raised above, as a result, there are several communities such as Rincón Chiquito, Rincón Herrera, Guácima center, as well as the Parque Viva facility itself, they could be affected due to the response time of the Fire Department. increasing rapidly, in addition, when there are roadblocks, access to the community is impossible, a situation that puts lives and property at risk,” they responded.

In response to the minister’s request, Precisely on Sunday, July 10, 2022.


Luis Amador Jiménez, Minister of Public Works and Transport, responded, just two days ago at the request of the minister in light of the problems they raised.

From the ministry confirmed that “it is estimated that the road is next door”has a maximum capacity for 800 vehicles, per hour, for service level E, because it is a 4 to 6 meter road in two-way traffic”.

“The Viva Park has 9000 square meters, industrial grade, which has an estimated towing power of 6,593 vehicles, based on references from three similar events in the UK”, said Amador.

In view of this, the Minister of Public Works did the following: recommend maximum concentration of 2,400 people at big events.

“(…) in accordance with the current situation of access and roads in the vicinity, to ensure the smooth flow of vehicles from and to the location,” he concluded.

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