France, UK and Germany lift restrictions


population of France He will no longer be required to wear a chin strap at work or show his health passport in restaurants from this Monday, after most of the coronavirus restrictions ended, in a precautionary context due to the re-emergence of infections.

“From today onwards, you are no longer required to wear a mask or show your card. We have all been waiting for you!”Minister of Health Olivier Véran tweeted, calling for “monitoring” of vulnerable people.

The use of the chinstrap is maintained only on public transport and in health centres. In the latter case, a health passport must also be presented.

“I’m glad we can finally take off our masks, even though we haven’t respected office rules for a long time since vaccination,” explains 24-year-old Nathan Lefeuvre.

One month before the presidential election, the Government in early March announced the end of these measures due to the improving health situation. However, in recent days, the number of coronavirus infections has increased.


The UK, like France and Germany, is lifting restrictions due to the coronavirus.

great Britain

government of great Britain reported on Monday that all measures still in effect for travelers in relation to the coronavirus, such as passenger search forms and the requirement that unvaccinated persons undergo diagnostic tests before and after arrival, will expire on Friday to facilitate the Easter school holiday.

Travel details, UK accommodation address and vaccination status must be specified on the passenger locator form.

The announcement comes as coronavirus infections increase for the first time since late January in all four regions of England: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The number of hospitalized patients with coronavirus is also increasing and they confirm that most infections are caused by a subvariant of omicron.


Germany faces final week of restrictions due to pandemic with doubt given the record number of infections, while the Government maintains the goal of implementing mandatory vaccines.

Starting March 20, almost all restrictions in daily life will be removed for most citizens, although measures such as mandatory wearing of masks in hospitals, nursing homes and means of transportation are expected to be maintained.

Additional restrictions will also be considered in areas where local outbreaks are registered, including masks, distance and basic standards of hygiene, testing and vaccination status certification.

However, just a week before what some media outlets have christened “Freedom Day”, infections have recovered after the first easing of the strictest measures, and have hit record numbers this Saturday.

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