FC Groningen fell in love with a good crypto coin company: lost tens of thousands of euros

FC Groningen has been promised a mountain of gold by crypto company IQONIQ (IQQ). The mountains never came and now Northern Pride is in the valley: tens of thousands of euros have been exhausted in smoke.

IQONIQ has plans to set up a fan platform and it relates to crypto coin (IQQ) and blockchain and all sorts of other terms that they don’t really understand there in Groningen.

Some of the big parties are convinced by IQONIQ: The McLaren F1 team put the company at the helm and Real Sociedad even brought the company in as the main sponsor.

But the platform never worked, IQQ scores plummeted and the people behind the project became less and less vocal. The app was removed from the app store and the company went bankrupt.

Bastiaan Fehrman, partnership manager at FC Groningen, said the club still had money. “After all, it costs about tens of thousands of euros,” he said BNRright

“We will create brand awareness for them, after which their app will launch. But the launch was delayed and delayed all the time. At some point we decided to stop activating.”

Too beautiful
Would you like to know more about the background of the deal? That Groningen Sikkom site set a few things. With a conclusion: if something is too good to be true, it often is.

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