Distribution of prize money during the PDC Challenge Tour 2022 with a total prize pool of £240,000

The PDC Challenge Tour will consist of 24 tournaments in 2022. £10,000 prize money will be awarded per tournament, so the prize pool for the entire circuit is £240,000.

Due to travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, PDC decided last season to conduct a separate Challenge Tour for players from the UK and one for players from mainland Europe. This year the two tours are reunited as usual.

From reaching the last 64 players can earn prize money, starting with £50. That number then increases per round. The winner will collect a sum of 2000 pounds.

Challenge Tour rankings are based on prize money earned. At the end of the season, numbers one and two will receive a World Darts Championship invite, plus Tour Cards for 2023 and 2024.

In addition, there are other rewards for players who do well. The top of the standings will have the opportunity to compete as a substitute in the Players Championship tournament of the PDC Pro Tour. When the Tour Cardholder fails to register or cancels registration, the player with the highest rank in the Challenge Tour Order of Merit may be added.

Distribution of prize money during PDC Challenge Tour 2022

Result – Prize money

Winner £2,000

Runner-up £1,000

Semi-finals £500

Quarter-finals £300

Last 16 £200

Last 32 £100

Last 64 £50

PDC 2022 Calendar Challenge Tour

January 21-23: PDC Challenge Tour 1-5 (Milton Keynes)

April 1-3: PDC Challenge Tour 6-10 (Hildesheim)

July 15-17: PDC Challenge Tour 11-15 (Hildesheim)

september 16-18: PDC Challenge Tour 16-20 (Leicester)

October 15-16: PDC Challenge Tour 21-24 (Leicester)

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