Depression, son? How to recognize if your dog is depressed, and how to help him

Name: depressed dog.

Age: Since there is a dog, multiply by seven to get the dog’s age.

So this is a story about dogs? Yes.

What happened? They are depressed.

I’m sure it’s news: terrible stories about abandoned dogs in Ukraine? No, of course that’s not the reason. It’s about dogs showing signs of poor mental health, including anxiety.

I didn’t even know that dogs could suffer from poor mental health. You and a quarter of dog owners.

But definitely rare, how many dogs are we talking about? The Guide Dogs charity survey of 1,000 dog owners revealed that 74% of dogs exhibit behaviors that suggest anxiety and depression. That equates to about 8.8 million dogs across the UK.

And what are the signs? Loss of appetite, destructive behavior, low activity level.

They’re not that different from us, are they? Will chocolate help? I think so, although it won’t last long, to be honest… no! Absolutely not. Chocolate is poison to them.

Oh yes. Fast walk then? Yes, regular exercise is important, of course, but often more than that. “It’s an age-old view that dogs only need to go for a walk or two a day to be happy,” says Dr. Helen Vaterlaws-Whiteside, scientific director of Guide Dogs.

So what else should you do to make them happy? Vaterlaws-Whiteside suggests lots of mental stimulation, puzzle solving…

Say? More like a food based puzzle. Licking mats, for example, have bumps that you can spread with a sandwich. Dogs have to go over bumps to get treats.

I wish I had a rug to lick. He also suggests taking them on a “sniffari” trip.

Whoa, what is that? It’s basically a walk, but you let the dog stop and sniff whatever he wants.

Like any other dog’s ass? Okay. See also fox dung. Other sensory activities are also available, such as starting a bubble machine in the garden. Did you know that you can get a special bacon-scented bubble liquid for dogs? Dr. Vaterlaws-Whiteside also suggests using a flirt pole…

Flirty pole, what is it? Basically, a piece of leash tied to a stick that entices the dog to chase the fast-moving bait. However, don’t forget that in addition to lots of mental stimulation, dogs also need plenty of rest and quality sleep.

It is said that: “Come here, good boy, time to play shikoku sudoku.”

Do not tell: “Is it depression, even for dogs?

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