Millie (3) rescued by sausage drone

On Thursday 13 January, the beginning of what would eventually develop into a dramatic and long-lasting rescue operation began. Three-year-old mixed-breed dog, Millie, lets go of her leash and lets her escape into the big, free world. loss of sight

Amid the Brexit storm: UK election drawing near

The British Parliament, or House of Commons, is officially dissolved 25 working days before the election. Before this election, which was this morning, at 00:01. Britons wishing to vote must apply before 25 November. No-deal Brexit British political parties participating

AutoStore proceeds with all lawsuits

AutoStore shares took a real hit last week and fell 26 percent after a heated lawsuit with Ocado Group continued in full force. It’s all about AutoStore suing Ocado Group for patent infringement on some of their technology. In December,