Queen II Elizabeth II’s Curious Movement on Lilibet’s Birthday

If there was a date engraved on the British calendar, it would be Preserving Color. This annual ceremony takes place at the Horse Guards Parade to commemorate the Queen’s official birthday. And despite the fact that Isabel II’s return to the sun will occur in April and in February when the 70 years of her reign are celebrated, This celebration is moved to June so that even bad weather cannot stain them.

Queen Elizabeth waves /Gtres

On February 6, it will be seven decades since the king of England ascended the throne to succeed his father, George VI. A moment etched in the memory of the country forever and especially in Isabel, who at 95 seems to have no intention of giving up her position to her son Carlos. Given the proximity of the event, Buckingham Palace would like to reveal more details about this “extra long” weekend for England, which will provide “an opportunity for communities across the UK to come together and celebrate milestones”. For this reason, they have published a statement with a full program of events to pay homage to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, where some of the most acclaimed artists on the international scene will be performing.

prince harry
Meghan and Harry with their daughter / Gtres

However, the emergence of rulers in this appointment can be marked for two reasons. The first was during October when doctors ordered him to rest and leave some work agendas in the background to prioritize his health. The other, and no less important, is the birthday of her great-grandson Lilibet. next June 4th, Princess Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will celebrate the first year of their lives a very special reason both for the parents and for Queen Elizabeth herself, who over the years has shown a great fondness for the youngest son Lady Di. Precisely the little girl’s first voyage around the sun will coincide with one of the Queen’s most special acts on a personal level, which makes us ask ourselves: Will the Prince set aside quarrels with his relatives to take a trip to the Kingdom? Celebrate and enjoy the birthdays of Lilibet and Elizabeth II at the same time?

Queen Isabel
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry at the wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor / Gtres

It was a tradition for the entire Windsor clan to gather at Preserving Color, although this year it will take place on a Thursday instead of a Saturday. It was in 2019 when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were seen for the last time at the event, to coincide with Meghan’s maternity leave after giving birth to Archie and consequently leaving everything to do with the real world. For this reason, maybe June is more of an opportunity for Harry and his wife to build bridges with the Royal Family in which it would be the first jubilee of the king of England without the company of her husband.

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