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The National Institutes of Health (INS) notes that there are no confirmed cases of monkeypox in Colombia, but it does advance the analysis of the possible contacts of a traveler from Spain who, upon returning to his country, was diagnosed with the virus.

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According to INS, it is reaffirmed that currently in Colombia there are no confirmed cases of monkeypox. “The country is working on a study and follow-up of each case that meets the profile defined in the guidelines provided to entities that provide healthcare.”

The entity also confirms that an analysis of the possible contacts of a traveler from Spain is maintained,
He probably came with the virus in the incubation period, was completely asymptomatic, and when he returned to his country, he showed a clinical picture of his illness and was confirmed with monkeypox there.

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“It was emphasized that all the cases presented in the world and in the places where the outbreak originated, presented an innocuous and self-limited picture (i.e.,
the disease completes its time period and the individual begins his recovery) and without
complications,” he said.

For this part, World Health Organization on alert for monkeypox cases detected in Great Britain from 6 May Added to this infection are those found in the United States, Spain and Portugal.

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According to Colombia’s National Institute of Health (INS), this disease is a POX-type virus that can be transmitted by many animals and infections that occur in humans occur especially when humans enter the natural habitat of these animals.

According to INS, early detection is very important to break the chain of transmission. When the virus reaches human organs such as the brain or lungs, it can cause death.but one death is more likely in a thousand cases than in several.

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The entity said it was not a new virus, but that it originated mainly in monkeys. And although monkey viruses may cause public concern, viruses like Measles are hundreds of times more likely and more serious because they are highly contagious.

It is important to remember that there have been cases of measles in the United States, Brazil and Venezuela. It also spreads efficiently from human to human through the respiratory tract.

In Colombia, this work focuses on improving the Public Health Surveillance System.
INS has strengthened monitoring of disease or outbreaks causing skin rashes or eruptions.

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Besides that, The entity also conducts a situation analysis with the United States Centers for Disease Control and Preventions (CDC) and is developing surveillance guidelines for health services.

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