EU asked to quarantine infected pets to stop it

Countries like UK reports unrelated monkeypox infections every day without travel to West Africa, where the disease is endemic, an official with Britain’s health safety agency said on Sunday.

Therefore, the European Union decided to take some restrictions to prevent its rapid spread. In this regard, it is known that even the pets of an infected person should follow some recommendations.

Infected people should avoid contact with other people until the pustules dry out and fall off, however, the European Union states that their pets should do the same, He gave an example, the chain of transmission between animals can be started which can make the pathogen endemic in Europe.

According to the European Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), there is a potential risk of human-to-animal transmission. Country.

“There is a potential risk of human-to-animal transmission, so close collaboration between health and veterinary authorities, working from a global health perspective, is needed to treat exposed pets,” the document said.

In addition, he points out that the risk is greater in domestic rodents, such as hamsters. Also, the jump from humans to animals can turn a disease into a zoonotic disease.

In this way, they explain that animals that have been in contact with positive cases and have been in close contact comply with quarantine and become a home for evidence. In the case of rodents, he points out that “ideally they should be isolated in a guarded room.”

“Other mammal species can be quarantined at home if welfare conditions permit (such as going outside in fenced-in spaces for dogs and access to veterinary services),” the document said.

UK Quarantine

Given the panorama, the UK Health Safety Agency (UKHSA) recommended this Monday 21 days isolation for people at risk of infection from monkey pox.

Therefore, they asked people who had contact with monkeypox sufferers to facilitate their contact, do not travel and avoid close contact with pregnant women or children under the age of 12.

UKHSA said new infection figures would be published on Monday, after recording 20 cases on Friday.

It should be noted that the chief medical adviser of the UK Health Safety Agency (UKHSA), Susan Hopkins, he declined to confirm reports that one person was in intensive care, but said the outbreak was concentrated in urban areas, among gay or bisexual men.

“The risk to the general population remains very low at this time, and I think people should be vigilant,” he said, adding that for most adults, symptoms would be “relatively mild.”

The UK sounded the alarm on May 7, with someone who had recently traveled to Nigeria. Other countries in Europe and the United States have reported cases.

What population is at the highest risk of transmission?

Monkeypox, also known as monkeypox, is a disease caused by a virus that is transmitted from animals to humans (zonosis virus). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Cases are reported sporadically in the central and western parts of the tropical forests of Africa.

The people most susceptible to this virus are young adults, pregnant women, and children. “Death rates vary widely in different epidemics, but are less than 10% in documented events. Most deaths occur in young children and, in general, younger age groups appear to be more susceptible to monkeypox“, said WHO.

*With information from AFP.

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