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After Google I/O 2022 ended, our Dimitry jumped right behind the microphone of his podcast to cover all the news that had been announced. In the special Tech in Five, you’ll hear a quick summary of all the updates, products, and services Google made last night. And there are several!

Technology in Five special Google I/O

Google I/O 2022 just ended and to be honest, Google has been doing their best. The company came with a bunch of updates for Google Maps, Google Translate and Google Meet, among others. Additionally, Google showed off new hardware, including the Google Pixel 6a and teasers of the upcoming Google Pixel Watch, Google Pixel 7 (Pro) and Google Pixel tablet. In a new special episode of Tech in Five, we tell you more about it and we’ve listed Google I/O for you. In the special you will hear more about:

What is Tech in Five?

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Google came up with a few more announcements. Would you like to learn more about this? Listen to Tech specials on Five

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