Britain’s planned near-military strategy of not showing the camera the state of Elizabeth II’s health

Concerns about Queen Elizabeth II’s health have sometimes escalated, and from the British royal family they wished to avoid at all costs showing images that showed the weakness of the king. That’s why From Buckingham a near-military strategy is being hatched so that Elizabeth II can attend scheduled events without being seen by cameras.

Queen of England infected with coronavirus last February and 95 years (96 next month) are already showing the daygradual deterioration of your health condition. using a stick to walk and last week, when two military commanders asked how he was, Elizabeth II replied that she could not move.

Prince Philip’s funeral is the next event

In the next few days a special event will take place for the British royal house. This 29 March, a funeral will be held to commemorate the first anniversary of the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth’s husband. The king, who died of the coronavirus in 2021, will hold a posthumous event and Buckingham Palace He didn’t want the image of the queen to circulate that could circulate around the world.

Prince Harry will not attend this funeral, for the umpteenth time he insulted Queen Elizabeth. The king has explained that attending the event, and from the royal house security agency they have placed hands to work to maintain your health at all times with almost military operations.

Covered terraces and even tunnels so the king can’t be seen

According to ‘Daily Letters’, Queen Elizabeth II is scheduled to fly fifteen minutes by helicopter from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace, the place to host a funeral in memory of Prince Felipe. Upon arrival, the king will be taken by car from the Palace to Westminster Abbey. This route, as well as the Monastery grounds, will be sealed, will have privacy screens and even tunnels, as if it were a football field.

From buckingham It is avoided at all costs that the image of Queen Elizabeth comes out as it is spread with his late sister, Princess Margaret, in a wheelchair in the months before his death.

Queen Elizabeth has been absent from Commonwealth Day

The king missed the date set last week, because of her mobility problem, because she is un traveled 97 kilometers and could affect the circumstances. However, Next week’s event is one that queen elizabeth doesn’t want to miss and has rejected the idea of ​​using a wheelchair, as she wants to try to walk as much as possible. Finally, Another method that has been studied since Buckingham is that, upon arrival, Queen Elizabeth feels like the first and not the last, as tradition dictates.

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