Former agent has to pay football player Orange De Vrij 4.75 million

The court ruled that SEG also arbitrated De Vrij. In that case, according to the law, it must be transparent which agreement has been made between them. SEG had not done so and thus breached its disclosure obligations, the court said.

It is impossible to determine with certainty how much damage De Vrij suffered. The court held him at 4.75 million euros.

“I am very happy that justice has been served,” De Vrij said in response. “This is a big win for me personally. In addition, it is also a matter of principle with a message to other players: make sure that you are always in control of your career and always assisted by independent lawyers who work just for you. .”

SEG considering appeal

SEG said in a statement that it was considering an appeal. The sports management bureau denied that De Vrij should be seen as a client of SEG and stated that they believe the defender has been fully informed.

“The court has determined that De Vrij was not harmed financially by us and has nevertheless decided that we should share the committee. We regret that the court did not pay attention to the important statements we proved in its judgment and we are considering an appeal. .set.”

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