‘William and Kate deployed to keep Scotland in England’

Independence was once again on the main political agenda. The royal family is scared according to insider that ‘Scotland lose’ politicians.

Scotland voted to remain with Britain in 2014, but many want a new independence referendum. There is a lot of discontent in the area about Brexit, which most Scots voted for in 2016.

William and Kate will now be asked to spend more time at Balmoral, the royal family’s summer home in Scotland. They should start treating it like a complete home and not like a vacation spot.

It was also suggested that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge reconnect with the city of St Andrews, where they met years ago at university. “They should not appear as visitors, but as residents,” said the insider.


The pair will be used as ‘a visible symbol of the bond between England and Scotland’. William could probably fulfill the role better than British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. According to the newspaper, a recent poll showed that 71 per cent of Scots had a negative view of Johnson, while 69 per cent had a positive opinion of the prince.

The pro-independence camp in Scotland has made it clear that it does not want royal interference. Former Scottish Prime Minister Alex Salmond recently suggested that his ‘desperate’ ideological opponents were trying to benefit the prince. According to British media, he called on the royal family to stay on top of politics.

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