When did the wave of infections by omicron start to decline? This Salinas says

Waves micron transmission, which since the beginning of the year has broken the infection record, reaching the highest peak this sunday, when they register 12,574 infections among a total of 26,509 analyses. Although the spread rate continues to increase and lHe confirmed that the cases in 2022 had already exceeded the total of all epidemics in Uruguay. Minister of Public Health, Daniel Salinas, already visualizing a tentative date to step down.

As he explained this Monday in the Double Click program, On February 15, the country will begin to experience a decline, as was the case in other countries, such as South Africa and the United Kingdom, where the variant experienced a strong expansion during the weeks following its discovery and then declined significantly.

“Two paradigmatic cases that started earlier and that have to study is South Africa and English. They They have big waves that more than just the waves they call tsunamis, and then after 45 days down“, She says.

Based on foreign experience, the minister pointed out that the government does not plan to impose restrictive measures as it is “likely” that they will be reinstated in a short time. “Britain closed borders and had to reopen them,” he cited as an example. Instead, he said they would aim to increase testing and focus on people who are symptomatic, with an eight-item proposal to be announced this week.

The document seeks to change testing rules to “slow down” first-line treatment in less than two weeks, he explained. “These are emergency measures, which relate to the current situation,” he added and clarified that, in his opinion, the health system would not be “more stressed” than necessary.

Leonardo Cipriani, ASSE president, agree with Salinas and noting that the “top of the wave” will arrive in the coming days, so the decline in cases will start to be seen only in February. “When you look at other countries ómicron hit hard up to 4-5 weeks. We will enter (that stage) in February and then it starts to diminish. We will reach the crest of the wave. One can’t do futurology here, but This first month’s behavior, added to the asymptomatic cases, means there is no overload (of the health system). In fact, many patients who have died have more characteristics of the delta variant -because of how it occurs- than the omicron pathology”, he stressed in Así nos va, from Carve radio.

The South African variant discovered by the Ministry of Public Health on 29 December, although some scientists suspect that it had been circulating for weeks beforehand. In view of that date, on February 15, 48 days will have passed since the discovery of the omicron in Uruguay.

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