: Wagestream launches ‘Your salary, whenever you want’ campaign ::

If my expenses are daily, why not my salary? This is one of the questions Wagestream is asking its nearly 17 million employees in Spain at a very critical time in the national economy. In a country where 20% of median income does not reach the end of the month, regardless of the impact of inflation on their purchasing power, and up to 6 million people with microcredit, Wagestream is committed to giving workers autonomy and discretion, charging what the law requires. the law belongs to him, according to Article 29.1 of the Workers Statute.

Getting paid more often has a positive impact on financial health. In countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and regions such as Latin America, it is common practice, as extending salaries throughout the month is felt by employees of companies such as Mercadona, Mango or Burger King who have participated in the campaign. In addition, experts have spoken out in favor of this collection method, as Pilar Llacer, Director of the future center of work at EAE’s business school, did in a statement to COPE.

“Charging once a month is very 2008” In this declaration of intent, Wagestream stated that payment at the end of the month is an obsolete concept, which was adopted during the second Industrial Revolution to facilitate the management of the Human Resources department. Centuries later, we can say that little has changed in the way employees are paid for the work they do, despite the potential negative impact on their financial health.

“I work every day of the month; I charge one day a month” This crap has a solution thanks to Wagestream technology, as it integrates with the company’s payroll provider so employees can access their paychecks in real time 365 days a year via the app. You will be able to track the salary you earn every day and, if you need it, access it instantly, using the same technology as “bizum”.

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