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Some users on social networks shared via Indonesia the harrowing experience they had at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, located in Glasgow, Scotland. In particular, an elderly patient received a menu that was completely unsuitable for the sick. The fact is virus in the network.

The plate that the patient received consisted of french fries and chicken nuggets. Dishes that seem to be taken more from fast food restaurant menus and unconventional for health establishments. Well, these foods contain trans fats, dangerous for people who are recovering and in the process of recovery.

This fact is revealed in Indonesia by user @mardibum63, the same user who pointed out the inconvenience caused by the service and sought clarification from the Glasgow Health Secretary, Humza Yousaf, and the city’s Health Adviser, Mairi Hunter. “They will eat this”he asked.

The man said he had no response from officials or from the NHS organizations Greater Glasgow and Clyde, which are responsible for providing and managing all healthcare.

In addition, he also criticized NHS Greater Glasgow y Clyde offer “a two-week rotating menu that allows patients to choose from a variety of foods based on their individual preferences as well as their families and caregivers, ensuring that the food served is tailored to their needs”.

Seeing the accusations on Twitter by @mardibum63, other internet users took advantage of the situation and also shared their experiences at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital of Scotland.

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