US introduces additional sanctions against Russia

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On Thursday, the United States announced more sanctions against Russian companies, politicians and prominent people, following in Britain’s lead. The sanctions mainly target arms suppliers, businesses and Russia’s lower house, the Duma.

The sanctions mean that all affected individuals and companies’ assets in the US will be blocked. The rules also apply to companies that are at least half owned by the people on the sanctions list. In addition, Americans are no longer allowed to trade with companies and public figures on the list.

The US has imposed sanctions on 328 of the 450 State Duma members. The affected military companies include spare parts for helicopters, missiles and parts for military vehicles.

The chief executive of major Russian investment bank Sberbank, Herman Gref, is also on the list. According to the US, he is an important ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Britain also imposed sanctions on Gref on Thursday.

The sanctions are in addition to the actions already taken. For example, assets and other assets are frozen or confiscated. The US, UK and European Union have imposed sanctions in recent weeks.

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