United Kingdom – Steel for extreme heat

The UK Meteorological Institute has issued its first extreme heat warning.

The warning was sent on Monday, and is in effect for South Wales, the West Midlands and parts of south and southwest England through Thursday this week.

Much of the UK has experienced very high temperatures in recent days. According to the BBC, the four countries recorded the hottest day of the year this weekend. The highest was recorded on Sunday at Heathrow, where temperatures rose to 36.1 degrees.

Record the number of deaths last summer

The extreme heat alert was issued by the Met Office in June this year, and it is the first time it has been used.

This comes after breaking the record for extreme heat-related deaths recorded in the UK last summer.

“This warning goes beyond the warnings of the UK health authorities, which are primarily aimed at preparing health services and vulnerable groups, to include broader consequences,” meteorologist Christopher England told Sky News.

– This includes, among other things, more common health challenges such as sunburn, bathing-related incidents, damage to infrastructure, as well as increased risk of forest fires and tensions in coastal areas.

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