United Kingdom reported around 140,000 cases in the last 24 hours

UK health authorities have reported 141,472 new coronavirus infections this Sunday in the last few hours, which we have to add another 97 died since the day before.

With this data, collected on the website UK Ministry of Health, the country has added 14.4 million infections and a total of 150,154 deaths.

On the other hand, 2,434 patients have been hospitalized in the last few hours, with a total of 18,454 treated, of which 868 patients required respiratory supportaccording to Saturday’s figures, which are not updated today.

The situation at home, especially in big cities, has caused The Army has deployed troops to the capital, London, to help hospitals cope with advances in the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, from which many health workers have been infected.

The country crossed the 150,000 death threshold on Saturday, a “terrible number”, as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson acknowledged. “Coronavirus has taken dire numbers from our country. Today the death toll has reached 150,000. Each of them represents a huge loss to the affected families, friends and communities”, he pointed out on the social network.

“The way out of this pandemic is for everyone to get a booster dose or a first and second dose, if they haven’t already.”Johnson emphasized.

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