United Kingdom, Politics | Johnson after the investigative report on the party riots: – I will first and foremost apologize

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Monday he would make changes to the way Downing Street and government offices are run. He points out that 400 people work at 10 Downing Street, and they work hard, but that mistakes have been made.

“First of all I want to apologize,” Johnson said in a brief address to Parliament, responding to the report, which sharply criticized him for throwing a party at the prime minister’s residence, in violation of coroner’s restrictions.

– I understand people’s thoughts. It’s not enough to apologize, said Johnson, who acknowledged that things weren’t done right. However, he declined to answer specific questions about his participation in the disputed parties, and said that this was now being investigated.

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A third-party investigation at the British Prime Minister’s residence concluded that there was a lack of judgment and leadership. Johnson said he accepted the report’s findings, and promised changes in his government office.

Strong criticism

– Sorry we didn’t do this right, he said.

– I understand that and I will fix it, Johnson said, but his apology was not heard in the UK Parliament. The Prime Minister was greatly eliminated, and then received harsh criticism.

Labor politician David Lammy called Johnson “a coward”, a criminal and said he should resign.

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Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer rebuked the prime minister and said he was fooling people, and that 12 cases had raised the issue worthy of a police investigation. He believes Johnson should step down as prime minister.

Several other opposition politicians have also stated that he should step down as prime minister, out of respect for the many Britons who have suffered during the pandemic.

“Partygate” report

In the report, published on Monday, the prime minister was accused of failing in judgment and leadership.

You can read the report here.

The report comes after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s famous party, which was held amid strict coroner restrictions.

The official in charge of the investigation, Sue Gray, concluded, according to Sky News, that the prime minister’s office at times did not appear to consider what was appropriate in the circumstances that prevailed when Britain was partially closed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

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– Much of this collection represents serious flaws, compared to the high standards expected of those working at the heart of government, but also compared to the standards expected of British citizens at the time, the report said.

Inappropriate alcohol consumption

Gray is fully aware that alcohol consumption is not “appropriate”, regardless of time and place as long as it occurs in the workplace, and calls on each ministry to do it themselves and make changes to their alcohol policies.

– This is an important lesson that you can take from these incidents that the government should immediately address. It doesn’t have to wait until the police investigation is complete, the report reads in conclusion.

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