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Sberbank and Alfa Bank downplay US sanctions

That Russian Bank Sberbank and Alfa Bankthat largest financial institution in the country, today downplayed the sanctions imposed by the US on them after the alleged massacre in the Ukrainian city of Bucha, in which hundreds of people died following the withdrawal of troops from the Kremlin.

“The sanctions imposed will not significantly affect the work of the bank and will not be reflected in the services we offer to Russian citizens, as the system has been adapted to previous restrictions”, Sberbank reported in a message posted on its Telegram account. According to the bank, “Sberbank’s experience and resources allow us to work successfully in any conditions.”

Although to this day it has not been directly sanctioned, it was previously affected after being blacklisted by the West from executive director Herman Gref, an aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin, since 1990.

For its part, Alfa Bank confirmed in its Telegram account that “8,257 sanctions have been imposed against Russia.” “We used to be afraid of these things, now we are working normally. We are pausing transactions with the US”added banks.

Alfa Bank notes that “Services for legal entities are running as usual. We accept and make payments in rubles and other currencies except dollars and euros 24 hours a day.”

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