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Two of the seven British teenagers arrested in the UK last week for possible connections to the Lapsus$ hacking group have been charged. Lapsus$ hacks Microsoft and Nvidia, among others. The two teenagers, aged 16 and 17, are due to appear in court in London on Friday, wrote BBC Newsright

The two boys are still in prison, the media wrote. According to a local police officer with whom BBC News speaking, both boys have been charged with various charges related to illegally gaining access to computers.

Lapsus$, the group of suspects suspected of working, recently carried out hacks against a major technology company. The latest victim was Microsoft, where software from search engine Bing and speech assistant Cortana was stolen. Two weeks ago, it was also revealed that the group had carried out an attack on authentication software supplier Okta, a company that provides services to Apple and Amazon.

BBC News wrote about talking to the father of one of the teens last week. The boy is said to be the mastermind behind the hacking group. The man was unaware of his son’s possible actions. “Until now I had never heard of this. He never spoke about hacking, but he was very good at using computers and spent a lot of time in front of computers,” said the father. BBC Newsright

In the Telegram group of the hacking group, which according to BBC News Followed by more than 45,000 people, Lapsus$ hackers reportedly wrote around the time of last week’s arrest that some members of the group were currently “on vacation.” They appear to be targeting the young people who were arrested.

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