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Today, March 21 is World Down Syndrome DayDifferent or mismatched socks are worn on this day, an initiative promoted by Chloe Lennon From England.

The aim is to provide visibility to people who have Down syndrome, as well as to raise public awareness about children who have this genetic change.

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Chloe’s proposal via video asks everyone to wear a different sock on each leg.

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A request that quickly went viral and crossed borders, the task of recording the little girl was her mother, who explained that the message Chloe sent was to increase awareness about children suffering from this syndrome.

As promoted by HE-HE-THATinclusion is sought, i.e. that everyone enjoys equal opportunities, emphasizing their abilities and not their disabilities.


It is a genetic disorder that occurs when abnormal cell division results in total or partial extra copies of chromosome 21This is called trisomy 21.

This change results when they have three chromosomes in pair 21, and that is why the anniversary date was chosen to be March 21, which is the third month of the year.

Change in genetic material This causes changes in development, as well as the physical characteristics associated with this syndrome, but varies from person to person, as not everyone with this intellectual disability is the same.


This genetic chromosomal abnormality tends to be the most frequent, and has been positioned as the most frequent cause of learning disabilities in children.

In addition, it can cause other anomalies such as digestive and heart problemsAmong other things, it is necessary to intervene quickly so that both children and adults have an excellent quality of life.

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