This is how you follow live Alpine skiing at the Olympics

The alpine skiing at the Olympic Games will start on Sunday 6 February at 4:00 a.m. (Dutch time). In this sport comment two Dutchmen in action, which is very special. The last time a Dutch alpine skier participated in 1952. Monday 7 February and Sunday 13 February it is the turn of the Dutch.

Curious about how you can watch everything about alpine skiing live? CBC , 7Plus and BBC iPlayer free offer live streams.

Read the full articles for more information about watching alpine skiing with a VPN, and for the full program of the (Dutch) alpine skiers at the Olympic Games 2022 in Beijing.

Alpine skiing is an interesting sport to watch. This year, there’s even more reason to turn to the sport. No less than two Dutch comments in action in alpine skiing: Adriana Jelinkova and Maarten Meiners . This is remarkable, because it is the first time since the Olympic Games in Oslo in 1952 that Dutch alpine skiers participate in the Games .

Adriana Jelinkova participates in two parts: the slalom and the giant slalom. A day after she qualified for the Games in 2021, she tore her cruciate ligament. She was out for 10 months , but still managed to get fit in time. On the same track where she was injured, she took her first World Cup points last month.

Maarten Meiners also had an exciting preparation. He did not meet the requirements of NOC*NSF, but “on the basis of special circumstances” he was allowed to go to the Games. Due to the corona pandemic, Meiners was disadvantaged in his preparation compared to the top countries. Ski areas, for example, only remain open for their own national teams. This ensured that Meiners did not have an equal chance for an optimal preparation, and NOC*NSF ultimately upset the heart.

The two Dutchmen therefore ‘just’ participate in the Olympic Games. Jelinkova will be in action for the first time on Monday, February 7 at 03:15 am , Meiners can be seen for the first time on Sunday, February 13 at 03:15 am . The downhill skiing starts earlier; The first final will take place on February 6. Want to see all of this sport? Read the full articles, where we explain exactly how to do this.

Where can I find live Alpine skiing broadcasts?

Many sports can be seen at the NOS . This channel focuses on Dutch athletes, and may only broadcast one sport at a time. Not all alpine skiing competitions can therefore be seen live on the NOS.

Eurosport (including via the Eurosport Player livestream) and Discovery+ do broadcast everything live. Unfortunately, these are pay channels. In addition, both streaming services are only available within the European Union, even if you have a paid subscription. This is of course inconvenient when you are abroad.

Free live streams of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Some streaming services broadcast everything from the Olympic Games live and free. Examples include CBC , 7Plus , and BBC iPlayer . A more complete overview can be found in ounces article about the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Unfortunately, many of these live streams are not available in the Netherlands . For example, CBC is only available in Canada 7Plus in Australia and the BBC iPlayer in the UK .

Based on your IP address, websites identify you online and see that you are outside the area where the streaming service has broadcasting rights. Therefore, the stream is not available to you.

Bypass this only with a VPN connection. A VPN gives you an IP address of a country of your choice, for example England. At the same time, the VPN hides your actual IP address. Based on just ‘new’ IP address, websites and streaming services think that you are in that country (in this case England). This way you get to see the online offer that residents of Great Britain also have at their disposal. This means that you can still watch the BBC iPlayer livestream, even if you are in the Netherlands!

Here’s how to watch free live downhill skiing at the 2022 Olympics

Follow the steps below to watch live alpine skiing via free streams:

  1. Subscribe to a good and reliable VPN provider. We recommend NordVPN for live streaming of alpine skiing. NordVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you only request money back within this time, the subscription ultimately cost you nothing!
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  2. Download the VPN and install it on your device.
  3. Open the VPN app and log in with your credentials.
  4. Don’t know the website of the stream you want to see. Hey, its that the streaming service asks for a zip code. Then enter a zip code of the country where the stream is available. Examples of postal codes in Australia are: 2000 (Sydney), 3000 (Melbourne) and 4000 (Brisbane).
  5. Put on the live stream bro and you can see all about alpine skiing! Lots of fun!, Have fun!

Alpine skiing OS 2022 Beijing: program and results

You can find the full program of downhill skiing at the Beijing Olympics in the following table. The times are shown in Dutch time, so many matches take place at night. Sunday 6 February is the first final match, and Saturday 19 February the last. Alpine skiing will therefore be featured for almost the entire Winter Olympics! The Dutch comment in action for the first time on Monday 7 February and Sunday 13 February respectively . In the table it is printed in bold where medals can be won.

date Time Element M/V Round Netherlands
Sunday 6 February 04:00 Descent Men medal
Monday 7 February 03:15 giant slalom Women Run 1 Adriana Jelinkova
06:45 giant slalom Women Run 2 Adriana Jelinkova
Tuesday 8 February 04:00 Super G Men medal
Wednesday 9 February 03:15 slalom Women Run 1 Adriana Jelinkova
06:45 slalom Women Run 2 Adriana Jelinkova
Thursday 10 February 03:30 Combination Men Descent
07:15 Combination Men slalom
Friday 11 February 04:00 Super G Women medal
Sunday Feb 13 03:15 giant slalom Men Run 1 Maarten Meiners
06:45 giant slalom Men Run 2 Maarten Meiners
Tuesday 15 February 04:00 Descent Women medal
Wednesday 16 February 03:15 slalom Men Run 1
06:45 slalom Men Run 2
Thursday 17 February 03:30 Combination Women Descent
07:00 Combination Women slalom
Saturday 19 February 04:00 parallel team Eighth final
04:47 parallel Team Quarterfinals
05:14 parallel Team semifinal
05:37 parallel Team Small final
05:46 parallel team Finale

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