This is how western countries cooperate

US President Biden suddenly landed in Brussels last night. He was there for an emergency meeting with NATO, the G7 and the Council of Europe on the war in Ukraine. But what exactly do they do?


NATO is an alliance of thirty countries from around the world. Many European countries, including the United States, incl. The aim of these thirty countries is to cooperate in the political, military, and scientific fields.

The main reason countries join NATO is to ensure there is no more war in Europe. That is why there is one important rule for Members: an attack on one Member State means an attack on all countries. As a result, it would not be wise for other countries to attack NATO member countries.

One of the reasons for invading Ukraine was because the country wanted to join NATO. But Russian President Putin doesn’t like that. Ukrainian President Zelensky announced this week that he would promise his country not to join NATO if the war ended.

Seven flags of the G7 countries.


Biden will also attend a meeting with the G7 summit. There, several world leaders will discuss financial sanctions against Russia. You can read what sanctions are here.

The G7 includes the leaders of the European Union and seven countries: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. They consult on economic and political matters.

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European Union

Lastly, Biden will also visit the Council of Europe. It also discusses sanctions and how Ukraine can be helped. The Council of Europe is part of the European Union (EU).

The European Union consists of 27 countries in Europe. In the EU there are discussions on various topics such as the economy, the environment and energy. New laws are also being drafted in the EU.

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