The queen sits alone at the funeral

On the evening of April 16, 2021, advisers and officials are said to have gathered for two different parties on Downing Street, at the same time that Britain is almost completely shut down, writes telegraph.

The day before the Downing Street party, Queen Elizabeth sat alone at Prince Phillip’s funeral.

OWN: Queen Elizabeth arrives at the funeral of her late husband, Prince Phillip, who died aged 99. Photo: Reuters

Based on Telegraph a party on Downing Street was held to mark the departure of two of his colleagues. According to witnesses, alcohol must have been drunk and guests must have danced to the music.

– I want to apologize completely selflessly for causing anger and hurt feelings, said James Slack, who was one of those who quit, in a statement.

About 30 people are said to have participated in the two parties, which were later merged into one party.

Back then, it was only allowed to meet in groups of six or people from two outdoor households in the UK.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is said not to be in Downing Street that day.

The two parties are the latest in a series of accusations of partying on Downing Street.

Boris under pressure

Boris Johnson has been under immense pressure in the past week after he confirmed he had attended a garden party, when Britain closed in May 2020.

According to the latest revelations on Friday, acting Labor leader Angela Rayner said the onus lay with Johnson.

– The queen sat alone with her sorrow, as many people did at that time. “I have no words for the culture and behavior that prevails on Downing Street,” Rayner said on Friday.

Labor on Wednesday demanded that Johnson step down as prime minister. However, according to British expert Erik Mustad, Johnson is unlikely to resign voluntarily.

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