The Ministry of Health anticipates how long it is believed that infections will increase and when the curve will start to fall

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“Maybe we are this week with an increase in cases and between next week and next it will start to decrease., taking into account how the curve evolves elsewhere”, he predicted this morning Sandra Tirado, Secretary of Health Access Ministry of Health RI. “Looking at what’s happening in other countries, it usually takes about four weeks where it peaks and starts to decline,” he added.

In dialogue with radio La Red, the official analyzed the increase in registered infections, particularly in the previous week: “Omicron This is a highly contagious variant, which is why it produces this very important peak. That is also what we observe in other countries. The peak occurs simultaneously because it is very contagious in a short time“.

While he clarified that “you have to be careful” with how long this wave could last, Tirado was referring to what is happening in the province. Cordoba exemplify:This is the first place in the country where microns are starting to circulate in the community and in a dominant way and, in fact, it is already starting to dwindle.”. “We have the cases of South Africa and the UK where the curves also have the same shape,” the official added.

Tirado describes the behavior of this variant: the contagion curve has such a rapid growth, producing peaks we have never seen in such a short time, with so many cases, and that corresponds to great transmissibility. For Ministry of Health specialists, The use of the chinstrap continues to be of great importance because the microns are “highly concentrated in the upper respiratory tract”.

The official emphasized how the new cases are impacting the health system. “We have to pay attention to how these patients develop and the way is to see what happens with hospitalizations. Considering the daily number of cases, there has been no increase in intensive care bed occupancy or deaths,” said Tirado.

Possible change of action for vaccinated close contacts

As stated by the minister Carla Vizzotti, Tirado showed that how measures to reduce isolation for close contacts and health workers with complete vaccination schemes are being evaluated in Uruguay. “Perhaps, it’s a modification that needs to be taken into account,” the official said.

The official also referred to the possibility of setting up a capacity for public attendance at football stadiums. This is a decision that will be taken closer to this moment [el próximo 4 de febrero]. Now what we are seeing in some places is that big events are not being held or held to capacity and that is a decision taken mainly by the province or city that owns this.

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