The hospital gives French fries and chicken nuggets to elderly patients

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One social network user alleged that Queen Elizabeth University Hospitalin Glasgow, Scotland, serving up an inappropriate menu of elderly patients for the sick, something far from the notion of “snack” that exists in the collective imagination.

These are boxed fries and chicken nuggets, a dish closer to a fast food restaurant and unconventional than a wellness center, taking into account the standards recommended for people healed.

These disagreements came to light on Twitter, where user @mardibum63 expressed the annoyance caused by the service and asked for an explanation from Glasgow Health SecretaryHumza Yousaf, yes la Health Advisor in the same city, Mairi Hunter. “Would you like to eat this?” he asked them.

Likewise, the man reported that he got no response from the officials or from the organization NHS Greater Glasgow y Clyderresponsible for providing and managing all health services.

Users also criticized that NHS Greater Glasgow y Clyde should offer “two-week rotating menu that allows patients choose from a variety of foods according to their personal preferences as well as those of their families and caregivers, ensuring that the food served is tailored to their needs.

Faced with these accusations, other Internet users lamented the facts and shared their experiences in hospitals in the UK and other parts of the world.

That was terrible. There was nothing in the dish that would aid healing, but it would directly contribute to more health problems. Maybe Gordon Ramsay can do the next series in an NHS hospital,” they commented.





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