The health condition of infants with infantile hepatitis worsens

According to specialists, the minor is in a “very fragile” condition, for which he is placed on the national register.. Currently no cases of other diseases or related to this fact have been detected.

“This is an isolated case. This is not an epidemic and I want to bring peace and tranquility to the population”indicated sonia martoranosantafechina health portfolio holder.

The new liver is expected to arrive in the city in the next few days and will be operated on in Rosario at the only center authorized to carry out such a transplant. Approval of the procedure was taken by the specialist treating the minor who showed that there was no improvement.

This boy’s case is the first detected in the countrybut a few days ago the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a warning for cases in the UK in the pediatric population.

Since the discovery of the first case, there are seven other suspects of unknown origin who are being examined by doctors. Since they are not related to each other, it is not a plague, they show from the health portfolio.

WHO issued a warning about this type of hepatitis on April 5after being detected in the UK in children under ten years without prior disease.

There were 228 cases detected in twenty countries and at least four deathsall minors, due to acute pediatric hepatitis of unknown origin.

According to WHO, The patient’s age varies between one month old infants and 16 year oldsmost of whom have no fever or the viruses associated with the various known types of hepatitis (A, B, C, D and E).

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