The first refugees have bsn • Maybe half of the total cultivated fields in Ukraine

Because of the war, Ukrainian farmers may be able to sow more than half of the arable land as planned this spring. Agriculture Minister Leshchenko told the international news agency Reuters that about 7 million hectares would be planted, compared to the 15 million hectares planned for the Russian invasion.

Ukraine is a major exporter of agricultural products, especially wheat and corn. Spring forecasts include sowing of barley and corn, but also sugar beets, sunflowers and soybeans. Corn acreage will decrease this year from 5.4 million hectares to 3.3 million, Leshchenko expects. He declined to comment on this year’s wheat harvest.

Due to the war, Ukraine has declared a ban on the export of various foodstuffs, including some grains, salt, sugar and meat. Exports of sunflower oil were also made difficult, which among other things led to empty shelves in the Netherlands.

Many African countries have also been affected by export restrictions, such as Kenya, correspondent Saskia Houttuin noted earlier:

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