The exciting story of Jackie Stewart and his wife’s health struggles

GREAT BRITAIN.- Jackie Stewart is one of the most special figures in history Formula 1. Its history and large palm groves make it one of the greatest of all time. However, we must also highlight his extraordinary work as an ambassador and his fight for his wife’s health, Helen Stewart.

With three Formula 1 titles, Stewart has built an impressive image. However, its most important championship is still being debated. His wife Helen had an accident a few years ago and after not remembering how it happened, she was diagnosed with senile dementia. Here begins a story of struggle and love that stands out, beyond the world of sport.

Helen Stewart is the one who accompanies Jackie in all the races and works as a ‘timekeeper’, making time, not only for her husband, but also for several racers and thus comparing the times of each of them. A few years ago he started losing his memory after an accident and was confirmed to have the disease.

Her husband, Jackie, couldn’t understand how a woman who worked with extraordinary clarity could have this type of disease. That’s why his work started about five years ago. There he inaugurated the ‘Carrera contra la dementia’ foundation, seeking a cure for this severe mental illness.

To cure this disease I must find a cure ‘Adrian Newey’said Stewart, giving examples of historical engineers from Red BullWilliams you McLaren. “He must be a genius, a teacher. I will look for it in China, India, USA or wherever it is needed. I have to believe that we will find a solution to this disease“, he added.

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